Freelancing has skyrocketed in the past 10 years. More than a trend, the number of freelancers is set to continue to grow in the next decade, boosted by their desire for a more independent and flexible way of working.

In parallel, we’re currently seeing an increasing amount of freelancers teaming up in a quest to go faster, think bigger, and find more meaning.

We call them collectives.

Collectives are groups of freelancers who share clients, skills and efforts. Compared to traditional service companies and agencies, collectives benefit from sharpened expertise, faster delivery, and better price competitiveness.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.
- Michael Jordan

But today, collectives don’t have the right structure to properly exist:

  • They don’t scale. They face multiple issues around admin, accounting and trade numbers for engagement
  • They don’t shine. They all operate under different structures and legal entities, and don’t benefit from a unified standard, or even a name.
  • They work alone. Collectives are still underserved while independent freelancers have dedicated tools, platforms, and benefit from a legal existence.

That’s why today, we’re building

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We want to help independent workers find their dream team or join with their existing one. We want to help companies go faster, get more value, and truly benefit from the power of independent experts working together as a team. is a platform where collectives and companies can meet. The very first of its kind.

We’re offering collectives a unique workspace where they can find ambitious opportunities to grow and scale their activities without having to worry about the admin. While companies get to have privileged access to the top teams in their respective industries.

We aim to unify the Collective movement by building a structure that is consistent and homogenous across all collectives so that they can all thrive.

Behind the scenes, Collective is also an ambitious legal and philosophical project.

We see a world in which any individual has the ability to team up with their favorite peers and find meaningful work. We believe that it is by joining forces that we can reach higher. That we are stronger, together. And we want to contribute to building a future where individuals will have more flexibility, independence, job security, and more importantly: where they’ll be truly fulfilled.

Our ambition goes even further. aims to become the largest and greatest B2B service provider worldwide, with 2 main focuses. First, no sleepy employee but pools of talent being independent, expert, entrepreneur-minded. Then, their activity is operated through fully digitised and fulfilling enterprise architecture.

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Collective is our vision of what the future of work will look like.

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